Techland Paweł Marchewka
Żółkiewskiego 3
63-400 Ostrów Wlkp., Poland
NIP: 622-000-38-83
Regon: 250029228

Request for proposal

    Techland Paweł Marchewka, Żółkiewskiego 3, 63-400 Ostrów Wlkp., Poland, VAT PL: 622-000-38-83, Regon: 250029228
    1. The article on order is the renting of exhibiting space construction.
    2. The article on order pertains to the participation of Techland Paweł Marchewka in the Gamescom trade show held in Cologne from 13th to 15th August 2014, planned to be subsidized using the European Regional Development Fund within the Innovative Economy Program, Sub‐Measure 6.5.2 “Support for the participation of entrepreneurs in promotion programs”.
    3. Detailed description of the ordered article:
      • creating the project of the stand construction according to the attached plan (Appendix 2 to this Order)
      • creating the construction of the stand according to the project approved by the Ordering party
      • transporting the construction to the trade show area; assembly and disassembly of the stand construction at the site
      • the place of delivery and assembly of the article on order: Koelnmesse GmbH, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Koln, Postfach 21 07 60, 50532 Koln (Hall: 04.1, Stand No. C-024)
      • performing all of the above required work according to the instructions of the trade show organizers available at the following address
    1. The offering party sets the completion deadline of:
      • 08th (08:00 a.m). – 12th (06:00 p.m.) August, 2014 to perform the assembly of the stand at the trade show area;
      • 15th (08:00 p.m.)– 19th(06:00 p.m.) August, 2014 to perform the disassembly of the stand at the trade show area.
    1. The offer should be submitted by means of: electronic mail to the following addresses: or hand delivery to the following address: Techland Paweł Marchewka, Żółkiewskiego 3, 63-400 Ostrów Wlkp., Poland, by the date of 21st July 2014.
    2. The offering party may change or withdraw the offer prior to the expiry of the time for offers submission.
    3. In the process of examination and evaluation of the offers the Ordering party may request explanations from the offering parties regarding the submitted offers.
    4. An offering party submits the offer by sending a filled out template of the offer form (Appendix 1) and the offered project of the stand in a minimum of 4 3D projections.
    The ordering party will evaluate the valid offers on the basis of the following criteria:
    1. Price 70%
    2. Experience in creation and realization of constructions at the Gamescom trade show held in Cologne: realization of an order similar in scope for at least 1 edition of the trade show abroad- 30%
    1. In case no offer is submitted within the set timeframe or less than 3 valid offers are submitted, the ordering party will choose any contractor that matches all the criteria and terms set out in this request for proposal.
    2. The ordering party reserves the option to not grant the order due to insufficient funds.
    3. The price should be given in Polish Zlotys or Euro currency, as a net price and a gross price, with the amount of Value Added Tax or any other taxes applicable presented separately. The price should be presented to two decimal places. If the offer is proposed in Euro currency then the average exchange rate of the Polish National Bank as of the date of submitting the offer shall be the basis of offer comparison.
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